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  6. I enjoyed your video. I am actually tired of worrying about stocks and stuff.. It's driving me nuts these days. I think crypto investment is far better than stocks

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  11. Hey – your live stream randomly appeared in my suggestions on Friday and since then you have been making me laugh with your swearing, high energy and the way you drink directly out of a 5 litre bottle of water..! So, I'm a total newb and most of what you say goes over my head but what I want to know is until I have upskilled myself on all this, is there a way to copy / match your trades like people can on etoro ..? I see your site is mainly for professional traders but do you have any videos for absolute beginners..?

  12. What Peter doesn't get is Gold was only money for thousands of years because man PICKED it to be money. No one came down from their thrown in heaven and ordained gold to be money. It had the best qualities so man picked it. Man could pick anything he wants to be money and right now he's picking Bitcoin.

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