1. I will continue saying it, vortexhackerscom are the best when it comes to instant wire transfers. They helped me solved half of my financial problems. I'm forever grateful to them. …

  2. Why does no one talk about th euphoria stage?? Everyone is pumping coins!!! Be careful!! Stock market is about to pop for the same reasons.. and it’s correlated to crypto market. Take profits. . Look at history, and compare charts. Take care.

  3. you said "I have been checking out the bool, there i snot much selling coming" – where do you check these numbers? i would also like to learn that, thank you, would highly appreciate that!

  4. there's nothing wrong with cheep beer. But I prefer just a bit better than the worse wine, not the cheapest a step or two above that. having a glass now on the other side of the world.

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