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    Intro 00:00
    Macro and micro converge! 00:50
    Starting on the zoomed in btc chart 1:10
    Was I wrong in my 2018 Bitcoin all time high prediction? 2:50
    So mush bullishness in Bitcoin 4:50
    How long will this bull market last? 8:40
    Immediate resistance 15:00
    $50,000 as support?! 17:00
    Bull market high in 2021? Or later? 19:00
    iTrustCapital Bitcoin IRA! 21:50
    Here is what all of you are anticipating for bull market high 24:30
    Should you buy Bitcoin? 27:00
    Long story short 31:00
    Stake and support WEQNT Cardano stake pool! 33:00

  2. Thumbs up for such a cool video!

    Could you say your thoughts about the new Graphene mainnet from Phore? I wanna to get some $PHR to make the GFN airdrop soon, and become one of the first Graphene holders

  3. Hey dude, that’s exciting

    Have you heard about JulSwap? They provide buyers with passive earnings. Their vaults impress me. Also they have farming and staking. Wanna hear your judgment, mate

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  6. I remember saying buying bitcoin and these guys commenting, swearing and so angry 😡 about it. lol, these guys don't want an average person to own a piece of it because they want the herd as pawn.

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