1. Hi Peter
    always a tutor to experts
    when all the world say invest in bit coin like ( Morgan – chase ) saying it can’t be touched by any central bank & limited amount of 21 billion $ only ,
    you say the reverse invest in commodities with value coz when inflation rise bit coin with dump

    My question

    What about the digital $ you know the feds is working fast with MIT university to have the secure platform to publish it like China digital yen now, is in the market for a test amount of 5 billion figure

    Do you think when the digital $ is published early next year

    it will force the bit coin to vanish & all bit holders will move to the digital $

    Please give me an answer !!
    Thanks my tutor

  2. He says that gold is the best conductor of electricity. Peter should know better. Silver is the best followed by copper. Gold is only the third best conductor of electricity.

  3. Love how this old thinking is clinging to its existence, refusing to evolve. Gold is nice but it's impractical as legal tender.

    Crypto solves that problem. There, use case. For this reason alone it has inherent value.

  4. is there some rule from god which states that a thing cannot have value unless it is physical and you can make things with it? I'm unfamiliar with such dogma and/or unnecessary constraint. clearly bitcoin has proven there is a strong demand for a virtual/immaterial hard asset so when peter states that bitcoin has no value, it is provably false as is evident by the fact that people will pay top dollar for it. value can be a subjective thing that varies from one person to the next. so whereas peter hates bitcoin, I plan to continue stacking it until I die.

  5. Gold is dead. Peter just didn't get it yet. Gold is the most analog asset in a digital world and the understanding of value in the market is changing. Also, demographics. A lot of supply from boomers is freeing up that meets very little demand from millenials and zoomers. There is only one rational argument to hold gold right now: the bet it is going to be included in the basket of currencies that's securing the value of the SDR. Other than that, gold's intrinsic value based on application in industry and research is $20 per ounce max.

  6. So when you price reference gold over past 100 years looks like todays price of gold is spot on. Doesn’t seem like it has any room to grow except with inflation, which it did it went from 1400 to 1800 in one year. Btw I hold gold, but I’m not religious about it like most people in this comment section. I also hold Bitcoin, and I see more room to grow with higher global adoption. You can say that it’s just zeros and ones all you want, but what makes it have value is that it is decentralized, and not controlled by central banks

  7. Ridiculous. The intrinsic value of gold based on its industrial applications is like what? $20 per ounce? So just a 98% decrease from now. Much better than going to zero.

  8. As someone with a long-term position in bitcoin, it’s NOT a store of value. It’s a speculative asset. You guys are nuts! Btw, gold only saves the day as the last resort.

  9. Dorsey is not an investor or an economist. Bitcoin’s only value is in the trust embedded in the blockchain algorithm. It’s very difficult to manipulate Bitcoin outside of direct market manipulation.
    However, currently Bitcoin is used to speculate by people who don’t know anything about the value of Bitcoin. And that’s called a speculative bubble.

  10. Peter is well versed in gold, he should learn more about Crypto currencies. His extreme bias, one sided opinion is revealing….and a dollar bill is just paper.

  11. Peter smokes a lot of crack cocaine! Peter has been proselytizing about gold and silver for the last five decades.

    Cryptocurrencies are the way to go. You can take them through airports never get stopped if they catch you at an airport with precious metals you’re basically fucked!

  12. RT is a plague that any self respecting individual should avoid and if I did not know Peter better I'd say he is dropping the ball by choosing networks to give interviews to

  13. She got crushed! CAN we PLEASE set-up Peter with a more challenging guest next time. Please find a 50 to 60 year old seasoned crypto investor…and lets hear what they have to say. Let's give Peter a real challenge that's at least 50% on par with Peter's expertise. Wait.. there aren't any 50 to 60 year olds in cryptos…lol

  14. ah, that young woman is sooo brainwashed on cryptos…see can't see the light of the precious metal history. She going to look awful ridiculous holding 5 worthless bitcoins that once were worth $300,000. in her life-savings portfolio.

  15. Do the bitcoin mining things or all that is tied to making it work have any gold in them and can it work without gold? To say there's only a little gold would make it precious no? Why are the tokens gold or is it fake? Watching that was like seeing a parent arguing with their children I think the ones laughing with their catchphrase 'have fun staying poor' should be called out as not nice people that they should go to all the small and medium sized businesses that have been crushed over the last two years doing their thing maybe even show ? where they went wrong. Do you think anyone of the team at boom bust give a hoot about what happens to the people mining bitcoin in China all the times they get clamped down?

  16. I get her argument , the only value bitcoin have is being untouch by the governament , and it is alot of value when the only correncies arround are comanded by the gov
    way easier hide bitcoin than gold

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