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  6. We are truly in clown word lol. boomers talking about doge on bloomberg . what in the actual fuck. . to all the newbies. dont buy doge or xrp. stick to bitcoin and etherium

  7. Perspective actually musk's wisdom
    Tesla (*moved 1.5b offshore win or lose Bitcoin success*)
    And Smoothly avoiding sales affected by sanctions Globally 🤗
    Bitcoin makes terrorism easier than it should be, understandably there money in blood
    hopefully Elon fixes accountability

  8. Companies (Tesla, square) that can't collect payment in real fiat money are turning to collecting monopoly toy money like

    Tesla giving away cars doesn't count as revenue.
    Tesla drums up FAKE PROFITS, all accounting games
    tesla is a ponzi scheme
    1) splits and more shares offered are diluting the shareholders.
    2) BIG DEBTS
    3) Elon Musk says the real profit is just 1%
    4) Tesla will bash you if you say anything bad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQNcEYoh73E
    5) Tesla lost the technology advantage when it started building in China.
    6) we will NEVER buy a Tesla. Dislike Elon and its car owners.

  9. Companies (Tesla, square) that can't collect payment in real fiat money are turning to collecting monopoly toy money like


    Bitcoin is a ponzi scheme.

    Bitcoin is bad as money. Imagine u offer to buy a house for $300k, at closing a week to a month later, bitcoin wildly

    fluctuates so either the buyer or seller is going to be PISSED OFF. WHAT STORE OF VALUE???

    I DON'T understand the bitcoin craze. If someone wants to buy my house or car and wants
    to pay me with bitcoin, I'd say GO AWAY and don't come back until you bring cash or a
    cashier's check.
    Bitcoin and Tesla SPECULATION are gambling, not investing.

    The government needs to create a law that forbids companies from buying bitcoin.

    Bitcoin is not government insured if your money is stolen.
    Bitcoin is favored for illegal activities: druglords, money laundering, child porn, human

    trafficking, payments to Twitter hackers






    The carbon footprint of mining and the over all control that China has over this system.

    Yes people, more than 60% of the mining power is located in china.

  10. On one hand I hear them talking about SEC investigations, on the other, I hear them mention billions of dollars being a joke. Now in this video, they don’t even mention Ethereum and it’s network. These people who make news programs aren’t crypto experts.. they barely understand the space at all. A night or two of research doesn’t make you an authority. This guy’s no authority… sorry pal

  11. What a great moment in history..bitcoin gives me so much hope for humanity…The world is changing right now💯💯💯This year will be the bull run of the century for bitcoin🔥🔥🔥

  12. I don't get what bitcoin have to do with electric cars at all.
    Tesla could have accepted bitcoin as payment for cars 5-10 years ago and do not have to buy bitcoin to do so.

    Make bitcoin useful if you want bitcoin to be great don't just talk about how good it will be 10 years from now…

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