1. I watch your videos religiously. So much so, my wife refers to James as my friend. 🤣 She’s also up a 4:30 am to drink coffee and take a morning run because of you James! Great content.

  2. I believe the Solana game to which you were referring is Star Atlas. I looked into it a bit, and the gamer community is sceptical- apparently the game has an extremely ambitious plan.

  3. Some perspective on valuing crypto in fiat: I moved countries and would always convert to the currency I was used to until one day I didn't – I fully adopted a different currency. I think this will happen for BTC, for example, if more things start being priced in Sats in the future when enough people have some BTC.

  4. Hey James, I just LOVE your videos & content. I recently found you and are so happy to follow you. I can't always be on the live ones but appreciate all your work. I recently bought a bag of cryptos & would love to hear your thoughts/advice on it. BTC 35%
    ETH 25%, ADA 9%, SOL 7%, DOT 4%, LINK 4%, ALGO, 4%, MATIC 4%, USDC 3%


  5. How do I get started learning how to invest… I don't know who to trust. Or how to get going but I'm a fast learner… Ps trolls.. Fuck u.. Some one point me where to get knowledge… I'll learn but need good info..

  6. I love you channel I think you are brilliant! But I think the 90% Bitcoin portfolio is more fitted to investors who are high rollers investing large amount of money. Retail investors with not much fiat will have outstanding results with other great projects. My opinion of course

  7. James much love from Australia💖Thank you for being such a wonderfull human and all your great content. I would like to see you eat your favourite meal and maybe get that German sheppherd for yourself.😉

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