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    Bitcoin making some big moves on the short term charts through btc resistance that we've been tracking for days. Is it too late to buy Bitcoin or other altcoins? Especially as some cryptos go parabolic, many are asking this very important question. There is no right or wrong answer on when to buy bitcoin, but here are my thoughts!

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    Intro 00:00
    Bitcoin price up 33% 00:30
    Why I have been indecisive of Bitcoin price 1:30
    Bitcoin bulls breaking some meaningful trendlines 3:00
    Is it too late to buy Bitcoin? 4:00
    How long will this Bitcoin bull cycle be? 5:30
    $50,000 + Bitcoin incoming targets 7:10
    Pullbacks do not concern me as much 8:30
    Cardano is exploding…what in the world?! 10:30
    ADA to top 3? 11:15
    ADA chart goes parabolic 11:30
    Cardano bullish because….. 12:00
    So is it too late to buy crypto? 13:00
    Some Cardano technical analysis 15:00

  2. Got tons of ADA around $.30 and only wish I bought much more! Not just bullish short term- I believe this might be a solid long term hold. The founder is extremely impressive & every time I hear him talk I learn something new!

  3. Hey comunity! There's this guy who tolde to open a blockchain wallet for him to run BFG software in my wallet address woth my password!! To mine BTC then he told me to resety password and activate the BFG depositing BTC into that wallet!!! Is that real or scam?

  4. I don’t know who needs to hear this, you’ve got to stop saving money to buy luxurious and exotic cars. Invest your money wisely to get richer, buy crypto currencies, gold and so many others if you really want financial success

  5. I read about Graemejohn Trades Services when I first started watching educational videos on BTC. I contacted him in weeks he helped from 0.08BTC to 0.3BTC. BTC heading for 40K got me smiling

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  7. For all the newbies that found this channel I've been following Dan since the last bull market ended and bear Market begin. His channel is not only comforting but it's realistic he's a really good guy in this space and I trust him as far as being a guide. It doesn't mean you should ever take Financial advice from anyone on the internet but as far as a channel you can trust you found one

  8. So more bitcoin was seized the other day. What happens to the supply of bitcoin when this happens, people forgetting their passwords since it's the most scarce asset on the planet. Does the supply go down only to raise the demand which in turn raise the price?

  9. I Love your Videos!! Great work as always. My favorite thing is the way you end them with "God Bless". Keep the faith my friends, God is in control! I truly believe crypto is one way God is allowing some balance of power to occur. The common people of the world are experiencing this transfer of wealth and projects like Cardano are going to lift a lot of the world's poor up!! A lot of good will happen and it is so great to witness it unfolding before our very eyes!!

  10. you know just swing high and swing low, so everybody knows there is two ways up or down! one day u sayed gonna go back, next day you see up side.. its the same like in weather forecast… gonna be rain,ups no rain 😀

  11. Just wanted to say, I really appreciate your way of approaching that whole trading & cryptocurrency topic. Too many youtubers making wild guesses and crazy announcement. A welcome different voice in a whole lot of loud noise.

  12. LOL- you need more suckers pulled in through social media PUMPING to keep the ponzi going and the price up
    Your going to lose EVERYTHING when the ponzi can't pull in enough people, when they BAN private cryptos and when the TAX seize everything you've got

    Cya pumper

  13. Thanks for great content as always! Anyone that needs to ask someone if they should buy Bitcoin should not be buying it! People need to do their own homework and take ownership when they make or lose money!

  14. Let’s get this clear and look at the facts. Cardano is not solving anything or have solved anything. That is why no one is talking about this coin.

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