1. Nice one 👌 revenue for stakers and funders are more secure and there is a hybrid system in place to protect their investment (insurance up to 80% of their funds as an insurance option. The key upside is buyers are purchasing $RPR daily

  2. The one day its "crashing" the other day its going parabolic…… I've been telling you guys that this overgrown boy is a clown 🤡 thats got no idea what he's talking about for ages

  3. 현물 선물로 리스크없이 매일 꾸준히 몆십몆백씩 수익내는 방법 잇어요 같이돈 벌어보실 맴버 찾아요 장난사절 진짜 돈 벌구싶으신분들만 연락주세요 광고 거래소추천 그런거 아닙니다 연락주셔서 들어보고 제말이 틀렷다 싶으면 그냥 가셔도 됩니다

  4. he needs to stop predicting. Only an idiot would try and predict things in crypto. He keeps pushing the bull run ending further and further out and then says but I said it could go longer. You lose credibility when you make predictions and end up being wrong all the time. He actually thinks whales and institutions move the market and that's where he lost all credibility with me. He's clueless in that regard!!!!!!

  5. Can someone explain how were going higher by the end of the year (six figure btc), when everyone is thinking the same thing? 95% of crypto content creators are saying the same thing, and, as we know, if everyone is thinking the same thing it doesnt happen

  6. Most people DID miss it on BTC compared to altcoins, for this bullrun. We MIGHT double on BTC from here this run? Seems like it makes more sense to take any gains from BTC and rotate them into quality alts that haven't pumped dramatically yet (i.e. not Solana). Idk just my thoughts.

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