1. The break of the bullish📈 pennant on the AXS/USDT daily chart📈 is within touching distance of the resistance at 160.59 just like I predicted in my previous analysis, congrats to those who are in the trade and it’s not too late to get into the trade as well.

    This is the 127.2% Fibonacci extension of the price swings of 27 June, 4 September, and 21 September. A measured move towards the 190.69 price level can be expected if the advance continues beyond this level, but 172.94 (141.4% Fibonacci extension) could be a stumbling block.

    At this point, a contrarian move only gets its strength from a pullback at 160.59. This move would leave the 5/14 October highs at 145.72 as a southern barrier📉 before 136.92 comes into the picture as a retest target.

    Subsequent declines must break below the lows around the pennant’s lower border at 115.46. Failure to defend this level allows the swing high at 93.94 to become a downside target.

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