1. Serious question Ben. Did your inside guy say September specifically or did he say the 9th month? I know these elites love gematria, and September is the 7th month so could it be happening in November??

  2. It’s September 28th… maybe you were right Ben. However since you’re such a big channel it could be you scared People into selling off and the whales are playing along.

  3. Don’t stress Bitboy we still love you brother and we’ll be here now as well as through the bear market.. WHENever it is!
    In other news…
    “Get your Shorts on boys & girls!!.. We’re goin fishin’…” 🙌🏼😉

  4. Sep28…Sep 28…Sep 28…Sep 28….59,000 in a day yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay…back back back back….backing off to OCt 15…issssssssss not going to get your turn. Where's your man…the man….the OG Whisper…

  5. How accurate are Bitboy's predictions? Well, I took a pic from the first Bitboy video I ever watched on December 16, 2020. In this video, he was adamant that bitcoin would be $100K on August 1st 2021 and $225K today, September 28, 2021…lmao. This guy should sell snake oil.

  6. Maybe we are running behind on the bull run timetable, or maybe the models were wrong on price predictions and we have started the bear market… time will tell maybe it's time to sell

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