1. Comments about hair – are painfully juvenile. Grade-school, "Oh you are in a wheel chair" "Your hair is different from mine" "Your face shape is different." I almost immigrated to Oz. Four months in Sydney, Crows Nest and nearby Uni crowd – but they made 1950s like comments about race and ethnicity and – hair – that were … CRINGINGLY bad. Content. IDEAS. not the package. You Pizzino should know this.

  2. <“Don't fight the trend" is an old saying, and there are other variants of the phrase like "never catch a falling knife." The bottom line is that traders should not try to anticipate trend reversals, or even worse, try to improve their average while losing. It really doesn't matter whether one is trading soy futures, silver, stocks or cryptocurrencies. Markets generally move in cycles, which can last from a few days to a couple of years. In B -TC’s case, it's hard for anyone to justify a bullish case by looking at the chart. It is much more complicated than some would have you believe but from utopianstrategy approach, bear market aren’t worth losing from if you use the ongoing new bie/investor programs. A portfolio I got into the strategy with 1.3BTC was quickly increased to 6.6btc…

  3. There's a full moon on the 20th of October 2021 and back on the 19th of October 1987 'black tuesday' there was a market crash. With americas debt ceiling reaching mid october as well are you guys taking these events into consideration? Looks like that Black Swan event is coming. I hope not.

  4. Thanks to both of you lads. The moon/planet cycles are interesting, taking me back to my healthfood shop worker days. Shame the hippies didn't have more focus. They all anti vaxxers now probably. Fair point that we can't know what effect moon etc would have but just knowing there's a disturbance in the force is valuable. Until you start overthinking stuff. Stay frosty fam

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