1. .. I'll take a phat sack
    of….. & at…
    BTC @ 40.k
    ETH @ $2.5k
    ADA $1.75
    MATIC $1.15
    Sushi $10
    VET $0.10
    SOL $100
    AMP .04
    LINK 25
    AAVE 100
    AXS 50
    FIL 65
    EOS 4.5
    ENJ 1.25
    KEEP .30
    CVC .35
    CHZ .25
    RLY .50
    SHIB .000001

  2. cardano is amazing. not that tps is everything but their Hydra is going to allow cardano to move at a whopping 1-2 million tps. seems unbelievable they'd even need that much. & look how well eth manages with it's 15 tps. 1-2mil tps is going to be excessive but maybe it will be needed in the future.
    I find Neblio is pretty darn fast with it's 3.5k-5k tps, which seems like near instant when i send my NEBL around. So this already is way more than i think i could ever need. And they, too, are talking of amping it up further, which isn't really needed i think.

  3. Post offices are overwhelmed with mail, dork! All official letters are sent by post office, bank cards, court letters, postcards are always better in physical form.

  4. I wonder whether making BTC an official currency is such a good idea for multiple countries given than BTC is so finite. Although if every time the whales dump El Salvador, Panama or whoever picks it up, it serves the whales right. Maybe Algorand, Solana or even Doge. Definitely NOT Eth.

  5. This is an up and coming nft collection representing a prolific new artist. a crypto revolution is upon us. This is the beginning of the collection that represents a mark in history that drives humanity forward.

  6. Thanks for the encouragement Lark. I want to learn how to play around in the file as well as this whole crypto space. And I will take your advice. I appreciate it very much. You made it sound so simple and easy to get started.
    And here’s a suggestion for a future video episode, why don’t you make an instructional step-by-step video on how to play around in an ecosystem such as SOL. Starting from how to navigate there, and how to start playing there.
    Thanks for all you do to educate and to keep us investors in the know and to encourage all of us…thanks, Mitch

  7. Company with over 150k$ registered company capital, licensed – ATMs with 0% fees, POS payments with discounts.. WE from Wanda Exchange will go to the moon in this cycle 😍

  8. Cryptocurrencies have been under attack all the time, but we are the ones who suffer in the end.

    The market has been unstable and bad.

  9. We shouldn’t be protecting companies from disruptive technology. Western Union can cry me a river as can the big banks. It is disheartening to see ex bankers in our government scurry to protect their former employers.

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