1. Lark, you’re based in NZ and it’s good you have valuable insights into the US Infrastructure Bill.
    ButI do wonder if it’s really such a big deal for BTC & crypto globally in the long run, even in the unlikely event the Bill does pass in its present form.

    Put bluntly, the rest of the world really doesn’t give a flying rat’s @ss if the US legislators want to ruin their crypto businesses & damage crypto investment opportunities for their citizens, who form 4 percent (NOT 5%) of the world’s population. It’s a bigger deal to you because of your US nationality, but less of a concern for the rest of us crypto investors who aren’t US citizens or residents. All it means to us is that as a “worst case scenario” we get to buy some really cheap coins as others panic.

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  3. I wish everyone would shut the hell up about "buy the dip."
    Learn retracements and patterns, while also paying attention to traditional markets.
    People buying indiscriminately with every drop are typically the loudest and dumbest.

  4. Lol idk why everyone is concerned about China. Didn't they ban bitcoin? Why would anyone care? The only crypto they have is vechain but they'll dump them too when digital yaun is introduce. People can be so weird about investing.

  5. I don’t even read the newsletter because I’ve been out of dry powder for a while, but I stay subscribed because I feel like I get the value just from these free videos.

  6. I can see by how dejected Lark looks that the whole thing is blowing up but he keeps putting on a brave front claiming Bitcoin will be $100K by end of 2021! If it's going there, Lark, it better get its ass into gear real soon! But it ain't! Bitcoin has been capped and is being manipulated by the Fed….sorry to burst your Bitcoin bubble!

  7. Let me add to that SEPTEMBER CURSE… the past 10 years Sept averages 5.4% down for BTC. 49k to 43k is exactly on target. Can not predict the future with the past…. Yet to be determined.

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