1. Watching the comments……the game is most definitely shaking out the hands of the impatient and falling into the hands of the patient. The fundamentals are rock solid

  2. I can't stop imagining what Bitcoin will be like by 2024 ,with my professional broker I can proudly say the sky is just my starting point so start investing now because time waits for nobody ❤️

  3. It’s getting out hand. Sounds like when Peter schiff was telling everyone to buy gold. Be careful out there people. I do hope BTC and all the other cyrptos go up but lets be realistic. Quarantine is almost over, people are going to start going out and they’re not going to be on their phones all day learning about crypto. Most people just want to live life in the moment. We will see

  4. Patterns on charts & statistics are fine and dandy for predictions during a given run; where are the hard assets coming in from what will drive the market? I can look at lines as well, where is the data out side of these charts

  5. In 2017 Bitconnect was Rockin! They pumped the price of Bitcoin way high. When the Govt ordered them to shut down Bitcoin crashed. Interesting the chart looks similar. But I attribute 2017 to BitConnect. We will see if Bitcoin runs after this, but remember Historically this is temporary. When it reaches a top the roller coaster ride down won’t be fun, with more Investors who will sell hard when it crashes this time, hold on tight! but at the bottom will be time to buy more for the next ride up.

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