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  2. That guy George put on timeout had perfectly valid criticisms, the regret I hear most from people who experienced the 2017 bull Market, is that they didn't take profits and held their coins all the way down into the bear market.

  3. Most CCP run corporations are Ponzi schemes what benefit the top echelons. Begging the CCP to help something that the CCP themselves benefited the most to help is incredibly ironic. Yet, it is no surprise if you are brainwashed into believing that the government (CCP) is the savior for all your problems. They create the problem and are therefore expected to be the solution.

  4. <<China's latest crypto ban has seen bitcoin stabilize at above $40,000 support level due to panic selling and now BTC is down about 11% over the past week compared to ether which has taken a 15% decline over the same period. What does this mean? I tell my trainees; banning bitcoin is a fools errand considering it is a peer to peer distribution network and besides when one country bans bitcoin, another country welcomes it pulling its economic incentives as well for example; The current Central Bank of Chile's Digital Currency Project and numerous other emerging projects which will push the prices even further back up. Being that as it may, dont fret! The bitcoin ban in China won't hurt the currency but rather strengthen it. Bitcoin is here to stay.>>

  5. on the Delta app Why is my binance U.S exchange say that the sync is in the queue? I followed the directions, what do i have to do?on the Delta app Why is my binance U.S exchange say that the sync is in the queue? I followed the directions, what do i have to do?

  6. China loves btc and they fud so that they can buy more at lower price. Surprisingly Altura still survive during this dump. Now is the perfect time to buy $ALU. As you knew that Altura is the pioneer of Smart NFT. Something big will come this October. 🔥🔥

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