1. LOVE Ben so much ‼️ Ben is such an incredible human – great sense of humour, humble, so real! We are so lucky to have you Ben and your channel is free! That’s why I got on your premise list to support a channel like this ❤️❤️❤️ I have been telling my friends to follow you – the only crypto channel they need!!

  2. Never would've guessed this would turn into a big ugly red day, but I snapped up an unhealthy amount of Polygon at $1.55 and yes that absolutely gets me out of bed.

  3. And a few hours later a decent pullback. Who is selling their btc? Whales taking profit? Why take profit at 69k when general consensus is we are heading to at least 100k? If everyone just held we wouldn't have these pullbacks. Stop selling ur btc.

  4. Ben, All the patterns previously illustrated are based on a steady state inflation rate between 2-3.5%. Do we think that the Spike in inflation may have the chart patterns underestimating the BTC/ETH path forward due to the fact that they do not factor in the opportunity cost of cash on the side lines. How can we account for the inflationary effect of the money supply when thinking about our go forward price targets?

  5. a house into a home. my crypto dream. provided can actually use it with all money laundering laws these days that feel designed to close out crypto.

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