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  2. Mind you big corrections only happen when some FUD and bad news appear. As Max Keiser said Bitcoin will eventually run out of things to attack it. I think the last big correction and probably the 80% one will be due to quantum computing news.

  3. Thank you Clark for the TA keep up the great job and waiting for the price to hit 58,000 then I’m going long all the way to 180,000 hopefully I will get a great pay, keep up the great job and once again thank you, my brother ……

  4. Great job like always my brother keep up the great job you are the man, my brother….. waiting for the drop to 58,000 then going long all the way to 180,000. Hopefully I will crush it my brother, thank you… for the great aTA…..

  5. Thank you Kirk for the great TA like always you are always in the money, I’m waiting for the price to hit 58,000 then I’m going long all the way to 180,000 I appreciate the TA keep up the great job my brother,,,,,,

  6. since so much big money from institutions is involved this time around, what we'll see is less performance out of bitcoin. smaller pumps and dumps. smoother.

  7. 2022 is gonna be a good year, is it? Insane you say? More bullish than anyone can imagine, you say?
    You mean the 2022 where the inevitable bear market that always follow the bull run at the end of every 4 year cycle happens? Um, sure.
    Damn, this channel really is hopium peddlers paradise.

  8. I think with all the interest in ETF instruments, coupled with Big hitters wanting in and more adoption. The big discounts and swings will be minimal…When that happens and proven you will see huge inflows and then the big price accumulations.

  9. No no no, 2022 Will be a well-mannered year of distinction and Grace as the crypto markets embrace a new level of sophistication marked by deliberative reflection and cryptographic elan.

    The blockchain will move forward with the firmest of logic. INSANE GAINS??🤯

    No just placid glacial moderated levels of meditative enlightenment and peaceful adoption…

  10. Dude. You rock! I love your channel, you have great information. BTC will surpass $100K this year, and people will FOMO in like crazy when that happens. BTC is now $66,495!!!!!

  11. Bitcoin trying to break through the last level of resistance. we're already above $60K,be ready to see some real FOMO price action. also, weekly RSI currently at 63.51. We want it above 65.let's get it bull

  12. I was just thinking about that today and felt that the big dips were over. might have reached an new stability now. so much water under the bridge. I think 2022 will be a powerful gain for BTC. Huge increase in market cap.

  13. Lark, your videos are amazing. That’s not to say I don’t do my own work and choose what I think is right but you keep putting out great well rounded content! Thank you

  14. Crypto 2022 will be legendary! Both DeFi and NFT spaces are ready to moon run. I'm watching the Oasis Network because the data tokenization and data privacy ability of the Paratimes will be the best option for the DeFi devs in the very near future.

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