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  2. If 8%APY is worth the risk of not holding my USDC private keys in my hardware wallet, would that be taxed as ordinary income or capital gains? Would the tokens acquired via staking rewards be taxed differently than PoW block rewards?

  3. Right right, but how do we calculate the proper gains without calculating dollar inflation, if we made 10,000$ gain while the dollar inflated 4.8% percent (or more) what is your gains REALLY? Oh but we don't know the exact inflation rate, at which they print money like nothing.

  4. I cant believe it sounds like you have so much fun with something so frustrating: Handing over money to other people that YOU worked for or invested in. Ughh… taxes. They should just charge everyone a flat rate, no exceptions. 20% for Jeff fricken Bezos, 20% for Juanita who lives in a slum in El Paso. There you go.

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  9. If I have a SD Roth IRA that owns an IRA/LLC w/checkbook control that I'm the manager of and I want to trade Bitcoin options with that IRA/LLC, do the gains avoid taxes?

  10. They are threatening businesses that accept crypto of taxes etc. thatÔÇÖs going to ultimately reduce the amount of places to use crypto for sure. Disgusting

  11. Or just transfer your coins to a wallet outside of the US centralized exchanges and exchange then on a defi exchange or use a crypto ATM. Dam government is always trying to get more money for wars.

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