1. Pas op voor spammers die de commentsectie vervuilen. Wij zullen nooit vragen contact op te nemen via WhatsApp. Vermijd bots die in de comments handelaren en coins aanbevelen.

  2. <Good job Mate. Lately, when asked for predictions about bitcoin and cryptos generally, most experts on youtube and other media, predictions are mostly generic with no specifics on the direction. Everyone seems to be guessing and getting even more confused about the future. The only constant thing I can say for sure is that the traders are actually earning good returns while HODlers are always concerned about what the future holds for bitcoin or if there is even a future at all. With the insight, skills, and experience of a trader like Elisa the sky is the limit. I came to this realization when I made a return on investment of 87% in my first month using her signals for my trades. Not to sound biased, there are lots of GOOD traders out there but Elisa has been of immense assistance to me, especially with her signals and strategies……

  3. BTC zal zeker $200K bij het einde van het jaar! Zonder enig probleem! Belangrijk is om te zien wat er dan komt?? Winst afnemen en wachten for de dip misschien

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