1. The thing is ya see,.. welp youve been SO wrong SO often that i take what you say in stride, i get my info from more reliable sources… still entertaining though..

  2. you're right. whatever makes you happy is most important BUT in today's world where the middle-class is/has continued to inch closer to the lower class, especially thanks to the plandemic, it's best to feel and know you're secure in your finances in order for you and your family to survive. Most are just getting by living paycheck to paycheck and now we see government helping those people which will/is keeping people home, accepting government handouts. who needs to work anymore? lets just let government pay our way. Lets talk from the rich/wealthy so we don't have to work ( socialism ). So while money can't buy love, it CAN buy security for you and your loved ones and MINDSET is a major reason why some are rich and most are poor. Our parents are usually responsible for instilling into us either mindset.

  3. btc is never going to have a pull back again and let me guess… xrp settlement by the end of. Sometimes you realize that these guys will say anything. I love your videos bro but your calls and so called insider info on the calls have pissed many off. If you guys want actual technical analysis and level headed price calls then blockchain backer or tyler s are excellent TA guys.

  4. I am losing respect for you…your title pics are immature and you are sinking yourself down to the level of the other clickbait wannabe's channels. Maintain your professionalism. If you continue to carry on in a clownish manner, you will lose subs, to include mine. We watch and follow you because you are professional…..copying these other idiots will bring you down.

  5. XCAD will have a huge Q4. Crypto rewards for watching Youtube, YouTube creator tokens and NFTs, backed by YouTube/Twitch/TikTok creators with over 84 million subs so far and it hasn't even launched. The creators that are on board start marketing next week. It's a microcap right now but I don't think it's going to be for much longer.

  6. Ben still hating Elon after all these months. Just can’t seem to let it go. My favorite BitBoy prediction has got to be the impending crash of Tesla stock he told us was coming and that just like Michael Bury, we should be shorting Tesla. Tesla closed at $909.20 yesterday and it’s 52 week high is $910 so I’d say it hasn’t crashed.

  7. PBX Paribus is killer project to the NFT LENDING and gaming space .. and deflationary..backed by Orion protocol..big gains coming to this project!!!!
    Make money off your NFTs buy staking them

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