1. I want to get one GPU india don't have much GPUs left everyone is scamming each other please it would be very kind to get an gpu from you I also want to mine and support my family

  2. Can you please do a step-by-step how to mine pool with different accounts only on all my phones I don't know what the link ideas or number and there seems to be no tutorials on it at all on here and also is it possible to use crypto tab form with only Androids to control them all with one phone?

  3. My son is outside the country right now and he's been helping me manage the phone farm with Teamviewer as well. We just made withdrawals from all 20+ phones this weekend to his wallet to get him started with yield farming. Two questions if you don't mind: how did you manage to withdraw from 50+ phones without going crazy? Did you withdrew and confirmed the transactions directly on each phone? Thanks for all the great content, glad you're back and looking forward to watching you build the Cryptotab Farm 2.0 😃

  4. I Got A Problem

    I Bought The Pro Version For The Crypto Tab And When I Sign My Gmail (By Which I Bought The Pro Version) in Other Phone
    It's Prompting Me To Buy Its Again Is It Normal And Do I Need To Buy The Pro Version For Every Phone I Have In My Farm ?

  5. Had 7 phones all different emails cashed out once on each then all got banned for payment violation or something… can all the payments not get sent to same BTC wallet?

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